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Barbecue Oven for Jiyong Matters


1. Wood fired pizza oven barbecue when avoid uses paint or carve engrave chopstick. Painted chopsticks on the paint containing lead, benzene and other chemical substances, harmful to health. Carved Zhukuai look pretty, but easy to shelter evil people, the breeding of bacteria, not easy to clean.

2. Avoid uses various color porcelain Sheng seasoning. Condiments best use glassware. Fancy porcelain lead, benzene and other pathogenic, carcinogenic substances. With the aging and decay porcelain color, pigment pattern of radon of food pollution, harmful to the human body.

3. Avoid the wok to cook the mung bean. Because mung bean contains elements of tannin, in the case of iron under high temperature conditions will become black iron tannins , the mung bean soup black, have a special smell, not only affect the appetite, taste, but harmful to the human body.

4. Avoid stainless steel or iron pot boil traditional medicine. Because medicine contains many alkaloids and various types of biological and chemical substances, under the condition of heating, can produce a variety of chemical reaction with stainless steel or iron, can make the drug failure, and even have a certain toxicity.

5. Avoid using black cypress or smelly do wood chopping block. Black cypress contains peculiar smell and toxic substances, use it to do the chopping board can not only pollute the dishes, but also can easily cause vomiting, dizziness, abdominal pain. Therefore, the preferred wood chopping block folk production is white fruit, birch and willow.