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1.   Can I order a sample for test?

Yes, it is possible, you can order one or two sets for sample to test in your market, but the sample price will be higher than our MOQ price, BUT we will refund the out of sample cost to you when you place an order. Please noted with that!

B. If a new design, please tell us your requirement of the full size, such as height, width, depth, and it is better send us your hand drawing or your already have drawing.


2.   How many times of the wood fired pizza oven heating time?

It is about 5 mins for wood fired or charcoal burning. Use the brush to clean the oven side, then use paper with some small pieces wood, light the paper burning with wood, sure that the wood burning well.


3.   When to put the food into the oven to cook?

The wood was burning well, till to 7mins, check with the thermometer, when it is betwen 200-400 degrees, you can put any kinds of food in the oven.


4.   What kind of food I can cook?

You can put any kind of food you like to cook in the oven, such as pizza, bread, meat, fish, chicken, vegetables.( It is better to use one bowl or plate when cooking)


5.   How many people need to work when use the wood fired pizza oven?

It just need one person to cook, all can be by your alone.


6.   If my freinds has not arrived, but I am hungry, I want to cook some first, but I am afraid after I burn the wood the temperature will be not so high, how can I keep the temperature, and how long can keep the high temperature betwen 250-300 , even 400 ?

In this situation, after you cook the food, just put the door to close, and the chimney there has a plate that can leave the air or without air, it can be stop fired. When your friends are all here, just open the door and the chimney plate, the fired burning again, also the temperature can be keep in high temperature in 4 hours, save the wood cost and easy to cook.


7.   Is it easy to clean the pizza brick inside?

We use big size of the pizza brick, easy to move and clean.


8.   Is it any wheels in the bottom, easy to move?

Yes, all of our pizza oven has two wheels, easy to move.


9.   What is the material will you used in your pizza oven

Normally we will use cold rolled sheet or 430 stainless steel as the main material. The thickness normally  is about 1.0-1.5mm thickness,  the stainless steel can up to your requirement to make 304, also thickness if you want more thicker.


10.  I see some items can make RED color in the surface, can I use another color?

Yes, you can choose any color you like If I take picture of the color, the color is not stable,as each computer’s display is difference, to avoid this situation ,  it is better send us the color sample or give us the number of the color.


11.  How many times will you finished the products?

Normally the sample will take about 20-30 days, but if our another clients just order the same item, that can be quicker, just aks our production part to make more new one is ok. And for Container loading pcs, the deliver time is about 45 days.


12.  Do you have the after sale service?

Yes, we have one year gurantee after sales, to suport that when you order our pizza ovens if there is any problem.