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Smokeless Charcoal Grill - environmental protection barbecue equipment in New Era


Barbecue equipment contains barbecue oven, oven, barbecue car, carbon gas oven and so can make excellent barbecue Food. In today's barbecue shop there are some more environmentally friendly grill. With the development of science and technology, before the kind of smoky barbecue equipment has gradually been banned, the world environment and the air quality has been improved. Smokeless barbecue equipment not only give people a good environment, but also gave people more beautiful and comfortable life, so that everyone can be in leisure time with family or friends to the field go to the picnic, feel like today's increasingly good natural environment. Now, barbecue machine to create a smoker charcoal grill equipment food machinery market notable achievements.

Smokeless barbecue equipment for more healthy environmental protection and more and more people have chosen, then grill is how this type of smokeless effect? Through the research found that the internal design of smokeless barbecue grill body the unique equipment in baking, oil and seasoning not dripped onto the carbon fire, so there is no smoke. Fried food, do not reach 200 degrees circumstances also not smoke in the oil heat, but we do when fried food the oil temperature is generally between 150-170 degrees, so there will be no smoke when frying foods. As we all know, charcoal will release carbon monoxide in the combustion is not sufficient in the process, it is colorless and tasteless, and charcoal is burned, itself no smoke. Barbecue stove ordinary smoke in the production of products, because the oil and seasoning fell into the carbon fire reason in making products, high-tech research will eventually become a generation of highly respected barbecue equipment.