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Types of Grill Oven


Charcoal Type
charcoal BBQ grill we should all be familiar, taste is the most authentic, is also very good. Replace the baking tray and bake network is relatively high frequency, charcoal get up more trouble.

General charcoal grill oven to do smoke exhaust, of course there are automatic smoke exhaust, (residual smoke still about 20 percent, will be through the indoor ventilation exhaust fan and so on can be excluded from the basic), charcoal grill oven generally divided into upper smoke exhaust and under exhaust smoke two kinds, upper smoke exhaust lower price, under exhaust smoke the relatively high price, the price difference is only oven and exhaust pipes of different.

Appliance type
Electric grill oven is actually in oven on both sides for installation heat pipe, electric grill oven design can make the pan evenly and slowly preheating, so bake the meat is not easy to scorched, smokeless electric grill oven generally have a smoke exhaust device (but it is impossible all exhausted, about seventy percent to eighty can discharge flue gas) also similar to the fried meat, but it seems more high-grade, the other pan replacement rate is greatly reduced, but also very convenient.

Infrared type
Infrared grill oven is made of toughened glass cover, non stick pan, halogen lamp, connect oil tray, composed of a stamping molding shell. According to the principle of solar radiation, by the plant fiber energized generated infrared (wavelength 2-4um) direct radiation heating tray, no combustion emissions and carbon dust, while not heating the air, maintain indoor air fresh characteristics. The biggest feature is the bakeware heated evenly from the inside to the outside, roast evenly cooked to reduce barbecue smoke generated by.

Gas type
In daily life, the use of portable natural gas grills or portable gas BBQ grills Home Furnishing are toxic, So you can not be like charcoal grill oven using holes bakeware or grill netting. Such words rather than in barbecue, instead of fried meat. But most people do not pay attention to the method of eating meat, mainly eat the kind of atmosphere and feeling, and there are a lot of people do not like to use the charcoal grill.