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What is a Smokeless Grill


Smokeless grill is refers to the use of certain equipment or raw materials for grill food, cooking way but do not produce or produce a small amount of smoke, smokeless grill in our country is in the new stage, the main equipment has smokeless grill stove, smokeless grill machine, smokeless grill car other. No chemical emissions.

All use of fuel as a heat source such as grill, charcoal, even after the full combustion of the red carbon, white carbon grill, or liquefied petroleum gas, portable gas BBQ grills, even cooking appliances burning and full, no matter we do not see the black smoke, chemical emissions still exist, the discharged material still pollution food, pollution of the environment. In all as a grill heat source, electric heat source is the most clean, no chemical emissions from electricity as a heat source.

No fumes generated
Fume generation, heat source body originates with grill oil falls in high temperature, such as the oil drop on the charcoal fire, dropping in the electric heating tube, makes the oil fume immediately. Secondly, fume also comes from the presence of food frying process, when frying oil deterioration, also can produce oil smoke pollution of food. The pollution of the environment.

Brazier style grill, such as grill selling mutton string Street utility charcoal smoker, both combustion emissions and soot emissions, so the most harmful, grill stove using liquefied petroleum gas, although many smokeless, no matter we do not see the black smoke, chemical emissions remain, chemical emissions are still contaminated food.